Chelsea boss makes strange decision in loss to West Brom

There has been said in the media about the fact that Chelsea boss Roberto di Matteo continually picks the same starting eleven every week, and there were calls that he will need to eventually give the fringe players some game time.

Well against West Brom today he decided to leave out the brilliant Juan Mata, the gifted Brazilian Oscar and the hard working Ramires, who all sat on the bench while the out-of-sorts Oriol Romeu, The miss-firing Daniel Sturridge and Victor Moses put in a sluggish performance.

However, his decision to leave out the three stars in such a tough fixture and against an in-form Baggies side has left many wondering why he decided to change things against Steve Clarke’s men?

The blues boss may have had the upcoming Champions League fixture against Juventus on Tuesday night in the back of his mind, but the Baggies are not a team to be taken lightly these days and if teams intend to go there and walk away with three points, then they need the strongest possible team.

Romeu and Sturridge have not been in any kind of form this season and yes they need minutes on the pitch to regain match sharpness, but in a game of such magnitude, they should not of been called up to the starting line-up.

Oscar, Ramires and Mata are three of the clubs best players and even though they need rest, they shouldn’t of started on the bench and then been brought on to try and grab the win we so desperately need.

We have now gone four Premier League matches without a win and we continue to have our well documented ‘winter wobble’, so we need our best eleven on the pitch playing as much as we can if we want to get out of our recent slump.

13 comments to Chelsea boss makes strange decision in loss to West Brom

  • f baby

    romeu n sturridge had a good game. twas torres n luiz who were very poor tonight.

  • Kyle

    I totally disagree with you. The point of spending the kind of money Chelsea does on players is to have 15+ players that are worthy of starting. Chelsea did not get the response they wanted but I don’t think that had anything to do with sturrIdge’s performance. If anything he looked much better as the #9 when compared to Torres. Mata and, Oscar definitely needed a rest and hopefully it will pay off in the long. After watching today’s game I expect to see sturridge being our starting striker

  • hamco

    Useles coach, may b he swap d game 4 somtin, I don’t know. Less dan a month 4 u. Abrahamovic is counting.

  • Shoggy D

    Mikel should have been rested not ramires. Have said this before and am going to say it again, ‘luiz is a defensive midfielder not a central back’. Sturridge should be the starting striker and dimatteo should never bench two of mazacar at the same time. Lastly, we need to wind the clock back and start shooting from outside the box

  • Duus

    well Shoggy D, Luiz is no defensive midfielder get it into your head he has never played there before and as a defensive midfielder you have to have ALOT of consentration and dicipline even Lampard failed horrible at it do you think Luiz wil do better haha

  • In my opinion,
    the only big mistake RDM is doing this season is, preferring Ivanovich on the right rather than in the middle.
    Luiz is doing like a bull-shit and Bertrand thinks himself as a winger most of the times. The mad RDM played him on wings in the starting of the season.
    Luiz replaced by Ivanovich.
    Mikel position by Ramires.
    Ramires position by Oscar.
    Hahard as central attacking Mid.
    Mata on the right.
    Marin on the left.
    Torres up front. (I prefer him ahead of Sturridge only because of his comparatively non-selfish game).
    Give Marin a chance.

  • KRukhana

    The question that boggles me is why doesn’t Marko Marin get a shot at it?

  • David

    Sturridge is a beta too nine dan Torres as of nw. Start him more regularly di matteo

  • Shoggy D

    Duus, is it that you don’t watch football or you’re just too stupid to understand it? The fact that david luiz hasn’t played dmf before doesn’t mean he can’t play it better. GET THAT INTO YOUR SKULL DUSH BAG!!!

  • josh

    funny no one can see our faults it the Director of football who is influencing playing time for moses and mikel-Mikel is a waste the guy cant break down opposition attack,cant help his team offensively,cant pass and lacks ideas , Romeo had a good game its better we play cahill iva cesar ashley luiz/ romeo rami hazard mata oscar torres then we will see the best of torres our problem is mikel period why is marin always out? beats me

  • ay

    shoggy D u really dont have to curse to make a point, duus has a valid point you need discipline to play that role which luiz sometimes lacks, that’s not to say he cant play there if he solves his indiscipline issues, but then again if that issue is solved then he would be one of the best centre backs in the world anyway.

  • Duus

    Haha Shoggy, so you think because Luiz is more offensive that what a center back can be then he must be a defensive midfielder????
    really dude wake up that is a kids mind of thinking, i bet you dont even watch football just plays Fifa and then watch the resulsts online GG.

  • Shoggy D

    Duus, i didn’t say so. All am saying is that if we can’t enjoy luiz as a centre back, let’s put him where we would enjoy his attacking talents. It’s much better for a dmf to attempt through balls than a centre back. I don’t see anythin in luiz that makes him better than any defenda in chelsea.

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