Chelsea to sell, as Borussia Dortmund make offer?

German side Borussia Dortmund have tabled a bid of £14.5 million for Chelsea starlet Kevin de Bruyne.

De Bruyne signed for the Blues in January 2012 but stayed at Genk for the remainder of last season before joining Werder Bremen on loan last summer.

He hasn’t even featured for us, but there has been so much talk about where he will be plying his trade next season, and with Bayer Leverkusen’s Andre Schurrle reportedly on the verge of signing for us. It seems his time is up at Stamford Bridge before it has even begun.

He’s scored six goals and set up nine more in 29 league outings this season, and he has attracted attention from other Bundesliga sides.

And Dortmund have now emerged as serious contenders, with the TalkSport website claiming they have made a £14.5 million offer which we may accept.

It will be a shame if he leaves without showing us why we paid so much for him back in 2011, but that is the world of football these days.

4 comments to Chelsea to sell, as Borussia Dortmund make offer?

  • Never should CFC try to sell Kevin..That guy will be the replica of Mata.Bring him to England and loan him to an EPL side for half a session and lets see what he got in his legs..

  • No it can’t happen b/cos De bruyne has a feature in Chelsea,Andrea Shurrel can come but it doesn’t Bruyne will leave,we still have some players to discard in our squard,eg Benayou,Maluoda,Ferrera,Marin out on loan,then Courtis,MCchetran,Lukaku,Bruma back from Loan,make some purchase such as Bony,Ben Arfa,Mulumbu or Sesseyoen.

  • Tom

    Yep!1st things 1st Bruyne’s goin nowhere!4 a fact!tht’d be belgian coach personally said he a better more complete plyr thn E.Hazard!wit tht take note/dortmund who play some great soccer wit a great coach bid 15mill £ for him frm watchin his output in the bundesliga for jus 1season!wit tht take note/there’s a certain midfielder we sold BENFICA as a sweetener4our future cpt D.LUIZ..’member him?yeah Man UTD are targetin him.what’s he valued@30mill £+.wit tht take note/the transfer mrkt’z cut throat/’specially whn th Mighty Chelsea come sniffin around!!i think we’ll have to cut Marin loose,cause he aint got the juiece!we a COLOSSAL CLUB!I TOLD U’LL FULHAM WAS GOIN DWN!I SAID BY 4,WE DID IT IN 3!we got th bit between our teeth!anfield we comin..COME ON CHELSEA!!

  • Ayodele olayinka G

    i suggest we bring back lukaku, courtous, de bruyne to chelsea.then loan marin.. lets free malouda, essien, fereira n benayoun..lets buy schurlle, shaw, song/fellaini.

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