Chelsea’s Oscar is ‘happy’ with himself!

Ever since his arrival in the summer, everybody has been mightily impressed with how young Oscar has adapted to life on and off the pitch in the English game.

The 21-year-old could have been excused for not being able to cope with the pace, tempo and physical demands that the Premier League has on the body and could have been given a little time to adjust. But he has found his feet perfectly and is only going to better over the course of the season, and the rest of his blues career.

However, it is the player’s performances in the Champions League that has really caught the eye and he has netted himself five goals, which didn’t help us qualify for the next round, but it did give us a glimpse of what is to come from the young lad.

Speaking to Sky Sports he said: “I started off being eased into the team, and then I started my first match in the Champions League against Juventus and scored two goals,” said Oscar.

“Since then, I have been a regular in the first team, which has been great and something I really appreciate.

“I’m very pleased with how I’ve adapted to the move and everything, so far, is going very well. The only problem I have is the language. However, I’m picking it up quite quickly, I’m learning and I can communicate quite well with most of my team-mates.

“I think in England the league is more competitive and slightly more intense.

“The biggest difference between the two leagues is that over here it’s more dynamic, whereas in Brazil it’s probably a bit more technical. The pace of the game in England is frenetic, but I love playing here.”

We don’t expect him to perform miracles, though it would help in the clubs quest to bring silverware back to the club. But we will hope that he can keep up the kind of level that has everybody associated with the club very excited about the future

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