Clattenburg case dropped by the Met.

No justice for Mark Clattenburg as the Met Police decided that they had no clear evidence and were dropping the case of ‘Racially abusive’ language aimed at John Obi Mikel during the match with Manchester United at the beginning of this month.

In a statement published on sky sports, the Met said: “Enquires were made and no victims have come forward, the matter will remain as a recorded incident, but without a victim and/or any evidence that any offence has been committed, the matter cannot currently be investigated”.

“Clearly if the situation changes and a victim and/or evidence to support the allegation of a crime comes to police attention then further enquiries will, if appropriate, be made”.

Peter Herbert, who is chairman of the Society of Black Lawyers, was the man who had brought the claims to the Mets attention and believed that something should be done to stop the referee getting away with what he is accused of. As there is no evidence to support the claims made by Herbert, the Met have decided to take no further action against Clattenburg because of this fact.

Many believe that Clattenburg did not say anything that would come across as racist during the game and are accusing the blues of making the whole thing up because they felt that referee was against them in the home defeat, in which he made some awful decisions which cost us the game. Most noticeably the united winning goal and the sending off of Fernando Torres.

However, to accuse Chelsea stars of making up such allegations is outrageous and dis-respectful to how we handled the matter.

We firmly stand by our players and have asked the Football Association to look into the allegations, which are currently being investigating and they will hopefully have an outcome very soon.

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